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Since you are on this page, the chances are that you are looking for the best cleaning companies and found us on google after searching for something like “Home Carpet Cleaning Toronto” or “Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in the Greater Toronto Area”. It doesn’t matter how you found us; what matters is that you will not have to go and research any further because you will get all of the information required to help you decide your top pick for carpet cleaning company.

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Carpeted floor is a part of many residential properties because it adds a luxurious touch to the space. The luxury disappears as soon as the carpets get spots, traps debris and allergens in it. The luxurious carpet that once was adding comfort, luxury and beauty to your space now diminishes the look and cleanliness of the space. Some folks even think of changing carpets at this point to get rid of the problem. Others pray that a simple vacuum can do the job for them. Vacuum sure can help remove some of the debris and allergens but majority of debris, allergens and all of the spots are still left in the carpet. There is a better, simpler and a cost-effective way of achieving new-like carpets without changing them… Getting them Shampooed and Steamed Cleaned! Carpet Shampoo and Steam Cleaning are the safest way to get your carpets thoroughly cleaned to get rid of 99% of the debris particles, allergens and spots. Call Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Services to get a Free Quote for your carpet cleaning. (416) 993-4545

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We offer both commercial and residential cleaning services with plans and packages customized

    Why Our Clients Choose to Proceed with our Proprietary Carpet Cleaning Solutions


    Prevention of Health Hazards
    Carpets tend to accumulate a lot of dust particles, pathogens, bacteria, and allergens. Often these particles lead to asthma, sinus, and other breathing-related problems.

    “Side effects of allergens and chemicals released by the carpets include: Irritated skin, Frequent headaches, Persistent cough or sore throat, Fatigue, Red, irritated eyes, Irritation of the nose and throat and Difficulty breathing. 

    If dust and allergens are deeply embedded in your carpets — or circulating in the air throughout your home — allergy symptoms can become worse. Sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, and itchy eyes may occur, depending on the specific pollutants.” (credit: 

    Our specific cleaning process ensures your carpets are cleaned thoroughly to remove 99% of the debris, allergens and microbials from your carpets - so you can enjoy your life with comfort and worry free.


    Enhances Longevity of the Carpet

    Just like anything in life, proper care and maintenance can increase your carpets’ life span. Admit it, changing carpets is no budget friendly task.

    Daily usage, debris built-up and spots often cut in the life expectancy of the carpets - usually forcing the owner to change it way earlier than the same aged carpet maintained properly.

    Regular cleanings can assure that the carpets are in their best shape. With the help of our proprietary residential carpet cleaning process, best and safe chemicals and our 25 years industry experience, your carpet’s premium maintenance and increased life expectancy is guaranteed.


    Eliminates Foul Smell
    We are not going to explain this point because it is very self-explanatory. ha-ha 

    Seriously, due to the dirt and debris, the carpets release chemicals which usually result in foul order. It is a health hazard and just makes life unpleasant. 

    Let us help you clean and thoroughly wash your carpet to get rid of health hazardous materials and foul smell.


    Maintains Attractive Appearance
    Vacuum goes a long way in maintaining the carpets, and it is recommended to vacuum at least once a week. Vacuuming has its limitations - Experts advise thorough steam washing twice a year to ensure the carpets are spotless and debris & allergens free. 

    Call Now to Maintain Your Carpets Attractive Appearance! (416) 993-4545

    We Can Confidently Say that 

    No One Can Clean Your Carpets in GTA Better Than Us!

    We can say this 100% confidence because we have over 25 years of experience in providing Carpet Cleaning Services in the Greater Toronto Area. Our owner, Jay, is the lead operator and manages all the cleaning projects small or big, to ensure the best quality work. 

    Don’t just rely on our words, see what some of our past happy clients have to say about us:

    Our Clients Say

    • The job was handled very professionally. He went above and beyond and did a fantastic job, very personable and gave us important information on how to maintain for the future.
      Tina Wentzel
    • I’ve been using them for years…professional, on time, good value. Even referred to my friends who are very happy.
      Derma Secret
    • Junaid and his team were very professional and thorough with the cleaning. They made sure all the stains were gone and my 17 year old carpet is looking like new again.
      I would highly recommend them.
      Tahira Shahab
    • Jay perform Washroom silicone & grouting work at my home & he performed very excellent work. Definitely I will recommend him & next time I will call him for sure.
      Thanks Jay for nice Work
      Atul Patel
    • I have used Jay’s commercial cleaning services since last 6 years. He took great pride in his work and always do splendid job. Highly recommending his team and wish you guys all the very best.
      Baljit Sahi
    • Jay takes exceptional pride and diligence in performing his job. I have used his services for a variety of jobs that required no more than 10 minutes to a comprehensive clean up project.
      It has been a pleasure to acquire his expertise and experience for the last 12 years.
      Moe Kamkar
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    More Reasons to Choose Us

    We appreciate our clients’ decision to go with any company they feel like… At least, let us try to tell you why our clients love us and you can contact us to discuss your requirements. 
    home carpet cleaning
    Top-Rated Company
    Expert advice and cleaning from experienced professionals with over 25 years in the industry
    Exceptional Quality
    Dedicated support and extra-ordinary service
    Trustworthy and Friendly Staff
    100s of Happy and Satisfied Clients
    Alright let’s be clear, some folks might not do business with us because:
    We are not the biggest restoration and carpet cleaning company, neither do we have a fancy shop with a huge overhead. If you don’t care about dealing with the largest corporation where you are just a number, then you sure will enjoy the dedicated support, service and attention to detail provided by us at a better price.
    We are family run, don’t have a huge team and work around the clock to ensure our clients are extremely happy with the work. If you can get past the idea of dealing with 3 individuals from pre-sales to sales to a service technician - you will get your carpets cleaned on time by our punctual crew. You will also get helpful tips to maintain your carpets’ cleanliness.
    Oh boy, this a huge one that turns off a few people. We don’t have a lovely, charming and polite secretary to answer the phone. Since we are a family run operation, your phone will be answered by one of our dedicated & hard-working operators, mostly Jay, and we will be as polite and helpful as possible.
    If you’re someone who likes to understand the mechanics and the process before taking action, this is for you…
    Carpet Cleaning Toronto is a broad term. There are several steps involved in the cleaning process – ranging from the initial pre-sprays or shampooing and steam cleaning to ensure the carpet restores to its original condition.

    Typically, the cleaning process follows the following steps after we schedule an appointment:
    On-time crew arrival and Set-up:
    Love it or hate it, our carpet cleaning team loves to arrive for an appointment at least 15-20 minutes before the scheduled time. We respect your time and never want to make you wait and really don’t want to ruin your schedule by running over the expected project finish time.

    Arriving early gives enough time to unload the equipment and get ready to start cleaning at the scheduled time.
    The next step usually is to put our shoe covers on and inspect the carpeted floor. Inspection helps the team identify the rough spots that might need a little more attention to achieve the best results for our clients.
    Initial Pre-spray:
    Every carpet and floor is different and unique, therefore, requires unique techniques to get the results. Depending on our initial inspection, we either pre-spray the carpet with our tested chemical solution or shampoo the carpet with the solution.

    Pre-spray loosens the dirt and debris particles, settles them to avoid affects to the indoor air quality, and softens the spots. After the pre-spray, all the particles and spots are thoroughly washed without damaging the indoor air quality.
    Shampoo Carpet Cleaning:
    Depending on the initial assessment, if the carpet needs additional care to take out the trapped debris and tough stains/ spots, we scrub/shampoo the carpet. This involves our commercial scrubbing machine combined with our safe chemical solution.
    Steam Carpet Cleaning:
    Steam Carpet Cleaning in Toronto and the surrounding areas is the central part of our Carpet Cleaning Service.

    After loosening the dirt and allergen particles, we use powerful machines to rinse your carpets with hot water to remove the spots, dirt and allergens leaving your carpets looking all fresh. Our commercial machine removes the dirt and allergens without spreading them in the air unlike vacuums.

    Your carpet is not only washed, the water is extracted at the same time to help your carpets dry in a few hours.

    Hurray!!! Your carpets should be looking at its best now… Unless you have gums on the carpet. In that case, there is one more step required.
    Gum Removal:
    Seeing gums stuck on the carpet is frustrating and they are a pain to come off. Lucky for you, they loosen up with our special gum removal solution.

    Once sprayed with the solution and gentle rubbing (yes, we ensure carpet safety and avoid carpet damage), most of the gums are removed leaving the surface gum free.

    Congratulations! Your carpet looks as clean and is as safe as it can be.
    Call Us Now to Get Free Quote & Start Your Journey to Cleaner Carpets!

    Our Clients Say

    • Jay cleaned the carpets in a rental I have in Mississauga. Initially I thought that carpets would have to be replaced, but was in shock when I saw the final results. Oustanding work Jay!
      Adrian (Carpet Cleaning)
    • Jay was on time reliable kind and respectful. His work was excellent and I would recommend him to anyone.
    • The service was to our expectations Jay was very professional, punctual and efficient at all times. Jay’s work is exceptional and I would recommend Jay and this company as one of the leading companies in this industry. Thank You
      Sandhya H – Sandhya (Carpet Cleaning & Tile/ Grout Cleaning)
    • Jay and the team were on-time, quick, friendly and did an excellent job. The price was right too!
      Al (Carpet Cleaning Toronto)
    • 10 – Working with Jay was an absolute pleasure from the initial inquiry to job completion. He was extremely responsive and solution-oriented. I appreciated that he was available on such short notice to not only do a site check and see the work that needed to be done in person but then also to execute the full scope within the same week. We had thrown a party and there were multiple stains on the area rugs from spilled drinks and food. There was also a scratch on the marble countertops from the caterer and the mudroom marble tiles needed to be refinished. Jay quoted the job and outlined the process for each within the same day. While at the home, he kept me in the loop of his status (as I was not on site) throughout. He did a great job on everything and we would definitely recommend him for any other household work in the future.
      Ashley (Rug Spot Cleaning, Counter Refinishing & Floor Polishing)
    • It was my first time getting my area rug cleaned and I was searching and inquiring a lot of other places for a quote for cleaning and small repair. Once I sent my information and questions regarding the rug, Jay had replied almost instantly. We discussed the estimated amount for both cleaning and repair, which days were available and were very flexible. When it came time for pick up, Jay was very professional in handing over a business card right away. He also said it would take about 10 days for the carpet to be ready but it was ready less than a week, which was so convenient. To add, when we discussed time on the day for pick up/drop off he always came early. He is very considerate and professional. The carpet looks good as new and I would definitely recommend this and any kind of work to anyone.
Don’t miss out on reasonable pricing, hard professional work, and friendly service!
      Karen (Rug Cleaning Toronto)
    • Jay did an awesome job for us. He was courteous, on time and well priced. He was also very thorough and diligent to get the wax stains out as requested. I would highly recommend Jay.
      Barb (Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Toronto)
    • It was great job
Big difference from before
I like it
They went into corners and angels and they made it great shining
The carpet tips are much pretty
      Fuad (Carpet Cleaning)
    • An honest, courteous and reliable person. Very pleased with the cleaning service, I definitely recommend going with them for carpet and other cleaning needs.
      Manzer C.
    • Carpet and grout cleaning. Very professional and humble person. He had all the necessary equipments to fulfill his job. I highly recommend his services.
      Nitin (Carpet Cleaning Mississauga)
    • Jay arrived on time. He was incredibly clean, friendly and efficient. I would definitely recommend and use again!
      Iman (Steam Carpet and Tiles Cleaning Toronto)
    • Jay showed up on time (even a bit early—a good thing), was professional, courteous and efficient. The carpets looked and smelled refreshed. I would not hesitate to recommend Jay and crew for any carpet cleaning services.
      Boyd (Carpet Cleaning Toronto)
    • Jay did an amazing job cleaning the carpets and upholstery in our house. He responded promptly to all of my messages and showed up on time on the day of the cleaning. The carpets hadn’t been cleaned in over 4 years and Jay and his team made them look brand new. By some miracle, he also managed to remove all of the stains from our sofa and chairs put there by our young daughter. I will definitely use his services again and would highly recommend him to my family and friends. Thanks again, Jay!
      Mike (Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning)
    • Amazing Work! We are very satisfied with Better Choice’s work! Jay was incredibly professional and attentive in his work. He cleaned our carpets and did a very thorough job. They look like new! He was very flexible and accommodating with the limitations we had with parking in our area. He was also very pleasant and kind. I highly recommend Better Choice’s services. No doubt you’ll have a positive experience and will be satisfied with their work. Thank you!
    • Jay was amazing – so professional and honest. Couldn’t be happier with the service and quality. Thanks Jay!
      Anne (Carpet Cleaning Toronto)
    • Jay and his helper are great. This is their second visit to me. They came to my condo to clean my white carpet which my faithful 16-year-old pooch, Millie, had soiled in many places. Now, you would never believe I owned a dog… my carpet is completely white again!! They also took my oriental hall runner out to be cleaned. I am 100% satisfied with Jay’s service.
      Janet (Carpet and Rug Cleaning)
    • Jay provided an estimate for a small job (stairwell carpet) which I accepted as it was very competitive with other quotes I received. He booked the cleaning – arrived on time and did an excellent job. I will have him back.
      Elsa (Stairwell Carpet Cleaning)
    • Jay was very professional and did a great job on our carpets – he really brought them back to life!
Thank you Jay
      Eden (Carpet Cleaning)
    • Full-service cleaning of all the tiles and grouts throughout the house. Jay did a great job in restoring all 4 bathrooms, mudroom and entrance foyer. After cleaning, re-grouting and re-caulking all the bathrooms looks new. The carpets in 4 bedrooms have thoroughly been cleaned. Thanks for all the hard work.
      Naveed (Tiles/ Grout and Carpet Cleaning)
    • I have an old carpet in the whole house and was thinking to replace it with the hardwood flooring. Now with better choice cleaning I do not need to change it. The carpet looks very clean and smells fresh. Excellent job.
Thx Better Choice Cleaning.
      Nadeem (Residential Carpet Cleaning Toronto)
    • Jay cleaned the carpets in a rental I have in Mississauga. Initially I thought that carpets would have to be replaced, but was in shock when I saw the final results. Oustanding work Jay!
      Adrian (Carpet Cleaning)
    • The Team worked on the carpeted area by spot cleaning and deep shampooing the area. They also did a professional floor cleaning and buffing on all vinyl tiled area.
The team had excellent knowledge about the product used for the job.
      Rahul (Office Carpet Cleaning Toronto)
    • Excellent service, great price. We have been using Better Choice for the last 5 years and very satisfied with their service.
      Sohail (Steam Carpet Cleaning)
    • Jay did a great thorough job. He’s trustworthy and honest and puts safety first. Really happy with the work he did.
      AJ (Carpet Cleaning Mississauga)
    • Great work done. Very professional and clean. Really like the work and details of cleaning. Highly recommended.
      Indradip (Carpet Cleaning Mississauga)
    • we have known Jay over 15 years
His work is always 1st class and we do not hesitate to refer him to friends and family. He is courteous, polite and eager to please.
      Parket (Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Mississauga)
    • The Team worked on the carpeted area by spot cleaning and deep shampooing the area. They also did a professional floor cleaning and buffing on all vinyl tiled area.
The team had excellent knowledge about the product used for the job.
      Rahul (Office Carpet Cleaning Toronto)
    • Excellent service, great price. We have been using Better Choice for the last 5 years and very satisfied with their service.
      Sohail (Steam Carpet Cleaning)
    • Cleaning 33 stair runner… four stairs which were being “enjoyed” as a potty pad by our dog. Everything came up amazing – looks almost like a new carpet. Jay worked so hard he was dripping with sweat when he finished! A thoroughly nice, professional, attentive young man. We would highly recommend using Better Choice Restoration & Cleaning Services and plan to use him again to renew our grout.
We were very pleased with Jay’s work ethic, and have no hesitation in recommending his firm.
      Carrol (Carpet Cleaning Toronto)
    • He does an amazing job every time. He’s professional and doesn’t leave a mess anywhere. I’ve been using him consistently for a while.
      Hira (Carpet Cleaning Mississauga)
    • 1432 sq foot office, with heavy traffic, carpets were cleaned with high tech equipment and industrial strength cleaning solutions, taking off all stains and restoring carpets to brand new. The crew worked very hard and were done in 2 full hours.
The price was very good considering the large square footage and quality of the work and the fact I had to do no prep work. I recommend with the highest recommendation!!
      Ray (Carpet Cleaning Toronto)
    Next steps
    The Next Step in Working with us is to Give us a Shout to Get Free Estimate. After the estimate, we will work together to set-up the service appointment. Our Team will arrive 15-20 minutes before the scheduled appointment to set-up our equipment to begin the work on time.

    Once we are satisfied with the cleaned carpets, you will get a chance to inspect it before we pack up and leave.

    Sounds simple, right?

    It sure is a simple process. Call Us Now to Start Your Carpet Cleaning process started!

    Alright you have seen some of our reviews, before and after photos and have discovered our cleaning process as well. Reach out to get your free quote and start your journey to cleaner carpets.

    Kindly feel free to ask if you have any questions before getting Started.

    Talk soon!

    Questions & Answers

    What areas do you serve?
    Toronto Mississauga Brampton Oakville Milton Scarborough Markham Woodbridge Vaughn
    Will you be able to remove all the spots and recover damaged carpet?
    Disclaimer: The Results are based on the condition of the carpet. Some spots/ stains become a part of the carpet and cannot be cleaned. If a carpet is damaged, it cannot be repaired with cleaning.
    How much does it cost for carpet cleaning in Greater Toronto Area?
    The cost for a professional carpet cleaning job depends on many factors including the total area to be cleaned, carpet’s condition, and the job location. The area that requires carpet cleaning impacts the cost of the project, price increases as the area increases. Secondly, if the carpet has a lot of debris, dirt and spots, it usually takes longer to clean, hence, increase in price.
    Can you clean the carpet on the stairs?
    Absolutely! We clean carpet on the staircase. We have a few photos on this page as well with before and after the project aesthetic difference shown.
    When can I get an appointment?
    Please call us at (416) 993-4545 to book an appointment and we can schedule a time that works for you. Sometimes we can accommodate an urgent same day jobs depending on the schedule but usually appointments are booked at least a day in advance.
    How do I contact you to request a quote for carpet cleaning services?
    Please call us at (416) 993-4545 or fill out the form to get in touch with us. Calling us is the fastest way to get in touch.
    What happens after I call you for the residential carpet cleaning services in Greater Toronto Area?
    You will most likely speak with our owner/ lead operator, Jay Akram, who will provide you more information, discuss your requirements and provide a quote appropriately. After the quote, he will help you schedule an appointment for the service.

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    We offer both commercial and residential cleaning services with plans and packages customized

      best cleaning services Toronto
      We understand your space is important. That’s why we focus on the quality of the clean. Our cleaners aren't contracted workers - they are full-time employees. They care as much as we do.
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