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If you are looking for an industrial carpet cleaner, look no further. Better Choice Restoration and Cleaning Services are the best options for you. Our experienced professionals offer premium cleaning at affordable prices.

Better Choice Restore has over 25 years of experience working for several clients all over Toronto. We provide exceptional commercial carpet cleaning in Toronto. We began offering our carpet cleaning services when the founder of the company, Jay, started working at a company and providing services to some of the top clients in Canada.

He found immense pride in providing proper cleaning and care solutions for commercial carpets, and soon enough, he was a sought-after cleaner in all of Toronto. Many of his clients would call back to his former employer only to ask for him and no one else.

Looking at the market, Jay decided to grow his business and teach the craft to his employees. Now businesses in Toronto can get his services and enjoy clean carpets.

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    Companies reach out to us for carpet cleaning for at least one or more of the following reasons:

    Prevent allergies
    Help increase carpet's life span
    Get rid of foul smell
    Attractive appearance
    If you are looking to achieve any or all of the results, we can help you!
    You can either get us to:
    Provide one-time cleaning to get your carpets looking at their best and allergen-free
    Provide maintenance service to keep your carpets clean and allergens-free throughout the year. These maintenance packages are fully customizable to fit your needs and budgets.
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    We can talk about why you should choose us for hours...
    Let's talk about the reasons some folks might not do business with us:

  • We are not the biggest restoration and carpet cleaning company, neither do we have a fancy shop with a huge overhead.
  • If you don't care about dealing with the largest corporation where you are just a number; In that case, you will surely enjoy the dedicated support, service and attention to detail provided by us at a better price.
  • We are a family-run business, don't have a large team and work around the clock to ensure our clients are thrilled with the work.
  • If you can get past the idea of dealing with 3 individuals, from pre-sales to sales to a service technician, you will get your carpets cleaned on time by our punctual crew. You will also get helpful tips to maintain your carpets' cleanliness.
  • Oh boy, this is a huge one that turns off a few people. We don't have a lovely, charming and polite secretary to answer the phone.
  • Since we are a family-run operation, your phone will be answered by one of our dedicated & hard-working operators, mostly Jay, and we will be as polite and helpful as possible.

    Cleaning Process

    If you are like most of us at Better Choice, you probably want to get a better idea of the technical process.
    Let's dive into it, shall we?
    Pre-spray is the first step in both carpet cleaning processes, full clean and maintenance cleaning. Since carpets tend to trap debris, spots, and allergens, we pre-spray our carpet-friendly solution to soften them.

    After the pre-spray, these spots, dirt and allergens can come off easily with the following carpet cleaning steps.
    Shampoo cleaning
    Shampoo cleaning involves a machine with a scrubbing pad to remove and loosen the dirt, allergens and spots from the carpet fibres via scrubbing. This process removes plenty of small spots making the carpet look fresh.

    Shampoo carpet cleaning is the second step in both, complete carpet cleaning and maintenance process. The difference is that it is also the only step after pre-spray in the maintenance cleaning process.
    Steam cleaning
    Steam cleaning is the third step in the complete/full cleaning process.

    It involves a portable commercial carpet cleaning machine used to pressure wash the carpets while extracting the water to ensure clean carpets without any damage. Most professionals use pressure up to 400 psi to rinse the carpets with hot water to remove the maximum allergens, debris and spots.
    Gum Removal
    If there are any gums on the floor, our cleaners use commercial gum solvents to scrub them off while ensuring carpet safety.

    Our Clients Say

    • The job was handled very professionally. He went above and beyond and did a fantastic job, very personable and gave us important information on how to maintain for the future.
      Tina Wentzel
    • I’ve been using them for years…professional, on time, good value. Even referred to my friends who are very happy.
      Derma Secret
    • Junaid and his team were very professional and thorough with the cleaning. They made sure all the stains were gone and my 17 year old carpet is looking like new again.
      I would highly recommend them.
      Tahira Shahab
    • Jay perform Washroom silicone & grouting work at my home & he performed very excellent work. Definitely I will recommend him & next time I will call him for sure.
      Thanks Jay for nice Work
      Atul Patel
    • I have used Jay’s commercial cleaning services since last 6 years. He took great pride in his work and always do splendid job. Highly recommending his team and wish you guys all the very best.
      Baljit Sahi
    • Jay takes exceptional pride and diligence in performing his job. I have used his services for a variety of jobs that required no more than 10 minutes to a comprehensive clean up project.
      It has been a pleasure to acquire his expertise and experience for the last 12 years.
      Moe Kamkar
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    • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Toronto
      Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner

    More Reasons to Choose Us

    We appreciate our clients’ decision to go with any company they feel like… At least, let us try to tell you why our clients love us and you can contact us to discuss your requirements. 
    commercial carpet cleaning
    Top-Rated Company
    100s of 5 star reviews on Homestars and Google reflects the reputation of the company you will be working with…
    Exceptional Quality
    We don’t cut corners and never leave the project until our team and clients are fully satisfied with the results.
    Never wait for contractors, at least not for us. Our truck will be ready to set-up and start the project at least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment.
    Eco-Friendly Products
    Chemicals are required to clean the surfaces, and you can rest assure that our staff uses the safest and environment friendly chemicals to ensure pet safety.

    Next Steps:

    If you have made this far on the page, chances are you would like to proceed with getting a quote from us.

    The majority of our clients like to understand the complete journey to cleaner carpets. Please review the below steps to get an overview of your journey with us.
  • Call to request a quote: Call us now to book an appointment for a free estimate.
  • On-site inspection: A team member, most likely accompanied by Jay, will show up on-site to inspect the carpets, discuss your needs/ requirements, and provide a quote        accordingly.
  • Quotation: You will get a quote from us after the inspection visit.
  • Book cleaning appointment: After agreeing upon the final terms, we book the cleaning appointment.
  • Cleaning: Our crew is known for showing up on time. We will get the cleaning done on time. 99.5% of our cleaning jobs never get re-service requests because we put our heart and soul into providing quality work.
  • We all are human and make mistakes every once in a while. If you fall in the 0.5% who are only 90% satisfied with the job, we will schedule a free re-service appointment to fix any issues. We want all of our clients to become our advocates and do everything possible to achieve the desired goal. :)
  • Book your estimate appointment now!

    Questions & Answers

    Do You Want All of This and More?
    - We've Got You Covered!
    Better Choice Restore can help you in two ways.

    Method #1
    You can order our commercial carpet cleaning Toronto services for a one-time cleaning. We will ensure that your carpets are free from all dust and other allergens.

    Method #2
    You can sign a contract with us where we offer you the best office carpet cleaning Toronto services all year long. All you need to do is to tell us the details of what you are looking for and what budget you can afford, and our experts will draft a package for you specific to your needs.

    Call us now.
    What Do You Get When You Come to Better Choice Restore?
    There are lots of big companies out there, and Better Choice Restore does not compare to them when it comes to size. However, we provide far better and more directed services. Customers who get our carpet cleaning services can expect great customer service and tailor-made services for the best experience. 

    We do not have a big team and work with a selected group of trained individuals who can provide you with guaranteed cleaning services. Despite having a small staff, we work round the clock to help you keep your office in the best shape. 

    Our crew is very particular about timing; we ensure that all our clients get their carpet cleaning services as soon as they book their order. 

    Better Choice Restore is a family business, and we treat our clients like a part of our family too. You will be greeted politely and welcomed when you call us. Jay usually picks up your call, and you can expect him to understand your concerns and guide you in the best way possible.
    How We Clean Your Carpets?
    We are very transparent about our cleaning process, so our customers are well aware of every step.

    This is the first step of our cleaning process. Carpets have the tendency to collect debris and allergens; moreover, there may be stubborn stains that can be hard to remove. Our trained industrial carpet cleaner pre-sprays the carpet with a solution to remove all the debris and dirt.

    -Shampoo Cleaning 
    In this step, we use a scrubbing machine to remove the dirt and clean all the spots. Scrubbing the carpets will remove all the spots that are hard to clean.

    -Steam Cleaning 
    We use steam cleaning as our third step when cleaning the carpet thoroughly. Here we use a portable steam cleaning machine. Using that machine, we pressure-wash your carpets. Meanwhile, we also keep extracting the water to ensure no harm to your carpet. We use hot water at a pressure of 400 psi to rinse out your carpets for maximum cleaning of debris, allergens, and spots.

    -Gum Removal
    We often find gum stuck to commercial carpets often in the lobby. Our professionals use commercial gum solvents to get rid of the gum. With the help of these solvents, it is easy to clean the carpet carefully.

    -Guaranteed Services
    When you come to Better Choice Restore, we make sure all our customers get just the cleaning services they pay for. Here are some guarantees we provide:

    -Great Ratings
    We have great ratings on different platforms. You can review our ratings on platforms such as Google and Homestars.

    -High-Quality Assistance
    You can trust us to offer you services as per your requirements at affordable rates.

    We don't delay your services. You can get our help just when you expect it and book them. We are very punctual and available at your venue on time. 

    -Environmentally Friendly Services
    Our small business makes sure to use environmentally friendly products to ensure the safety of our customers and the environment. 
    How to Book Our Services?
    Are you interested in booking our cleaning services? Here is how you can book us and get our top-tier carpet cleaning services:

    Step #1 Request A Quote
    Give us a call to request a quote from our experts 

    Step #2 Inspection Of Site 
    Our team will come to your office and take a look at your carpets. Here you can discuss what you expect from the cleaning services. 

    Step #3 Get A Quote
    After the complete inspection, our team will draft a quote for you.

    Step #4 Confirmation Of Booking 
    If you agree with the quote, we will confirm your booking appointment.

    Step #5 Best Office Carpet Cleaning Toronto 
    Lastly, we will finally send the best commercial carpet cleaners your way and start the cleaning on the time promised. 

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    We offer both commercial and residential cleaning services with plans and packages customized

      We understand your space is important. That’s why we focus on the quality of the clean. Our cleaners aren't contracted workers - they are full-time employees. They care as much as we do.
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